Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is used to treat breast cancer by killing cancer cells in an area that has been specifically targeted.




After a lumpectomy breast radiation reduced the risk of local recurrence.  Radiation effectively ‘cleans up’ any remaining cancer cells left in/around the lumpectomy cavity.  Adjacent normal cells are better able to repair the damage caused by radiation than are cancer cells.  Essentially, radiation is therapeutic doses of xray beams designed to kill cancer cells.

**It is very important that you take care of your skin during radiation. Use moisturizer liberally – about 3-4x day. Jean’s Cream is the most effective, but you can also use OTC agents such as Aquaphor. **It is very important that you wear a soft, cotton, supportive bra without underwire. MAKEMERRY is a wonderful option – the bra is extremely comfortable and designed by a female radiation oncologist/company owner specifically for women going through breast cancer treatment.