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Support during and after treatment takes many forms. The people in your life, your support system, plays the most important role. There are, however, other tools to better tolerate treatments, their acute side effects, and the long term sequelae of the cure. The providers at Comprehensive Breast Care have spent years recommending these therapies to their patients. Now, rather than simply making a suggestion, we are offering an avenue to purchase. We've created a store for our patients ... this is your store - one stop shopping. We sincerely hope that providing this service will be advantageous

The field of oncology has not traditionally been very effective in supporting patients throughout and after their cancer journey.  At Comprehensive Breast Care we are trying to address this shortcoming.  From lotions and creams to address radiation side effects to trained therapists to help patients deal with their diagnosis, we have created a ‘shopping page‘ for patients to use as an avenue to solutions.  The resources on the page are one’s that we have established relationships or experience with their effectiveness.  For some of the products we have even set up a mechanism to purchase.  It is our hope that patients will find this page helpful and time saving.

Finding a comfortable bra should be easy, right?  Breast specialists should be an expert, but we receive zero training in what exactlly makes a bra comfortable and supportive, but so few of us really have any experience.  We’ve partnered with Dr. Katie Deming.  Dr. Deming is a board certified radiation oncologist and founder of MAKEMERRY.

Like us Dr. Dering has watched as patients struggled to find bras that felt soft against their sensitive skin. Not finding them, we would alter their own bras to make them more comfortable during radiation. Unfortunately, these little hacks were ineffective and anything but sexy. So Dr. Dering decided to take the plunge—pun intended—and design the perfect bra. Her passion project turned into six years of researching the best fabrics and designs, prototyping, patenting, wear testing, not sleeping, and ultimately, developing MAKEMERRY’s unique design.

MAKEMERRY is the first line of soft, stylish, sexy intimates meticulously designed to provide pain-free support after surgery, during radiation, and beyond. The proof? Whereas the majority of women throw away their post-surgical bras after treatment, most of our customers transition MAKEMERRY into their everyday bra. Even women without breast cancer are obsessed with MAKEMERRY’s perfect blend of comfort and style.

These bra’s have been a game changer.  In fact, we sold our very first the day a sample came to our office.  A post treatment patient had literally just mentioned the difficulty she has finding a comfortable bra.  We let her try on our samples right out of the box.  Next thing we know, the patient was at the checkout desk.  When asked how she liked the bra, she replied “I love it, I’ll take it, I’m wearing it!”.

Bra Size Instructions

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Side effects of radiation relate to its effect on the skin.  A good skin cream is extremely important in keeping these side effects at a minimum.  We have had excellent feedback from our patients who have used Jeans Cream.

Jeans Cream has helped more than 40,000 people through their journeys with radiation side effects, eczema, sunburn relief, general healing and more. Created by a two-time breast cancer survivor, this rich, smooth cream uses a  unique, high potency, top quality vitamin and plant extract blend to help soothe the skin. Jeans Cream is doctor approved and recommended at premier hospitals around the U.S.

Begin applying once a day for several days prior to the start of radiation therapy.

Apply sparingly.  A thick coat is not necessary.

Upon start of radiation, apply at least twice a day – once at bedtime for optimal results, and once again immediately following treatment.  If the skin becomes pink, hot, irritated, itchy or sensitive, re-apply the cream as often as relief is needed. Note that skin should be free of any cream or ointment at the time of radiation.

For breast cancer treatment, pay special attention to the crease under the breast.  The underarm area may also be affected where the cream should be applied if needed.  Ask the nurse about an exit site if there is one, where the cream should also be applied.

Continue use at least once a day after completion of radiation to finish product.


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