Cryoablation is an FDA-approved treatment for destroying fibroadenomas, and is an alternative to open surgery. It is the use of extreme cold to completely destroy tissue. Cryoablation technology is an established, effective therapy that has been used for decades to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in prostate, liver and other organs. The technology and procedure has now been optimized for breast fibroadenomas.

After local anesthesia and using ultrasound (sonographic) imaging, a small probe (thin hollow needle) is guided into the fibroadenoma. Extremely cold temperatures are used to destroy (ablate) the fibroadenoma. Cryoablation is comfortable and painless, as the cold acts with the local anesthesia to numb the area.

Cryoablation usually takes about 5-15 minutes. No sutures are required; as the procedure is performed using only a small skin nick, just an adhesive steri-strip is needed. As with a needle biopsy, many women can return to work or their normal activity quickly.