Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is very frightening. Understanding the different types of cancer, is the first step in understanding treatment options.

The discussion of breast cancer is multidisciplinary. The focus of treatment options and, insight into many aspects of breast cancer treatment is paramount to making informed decisions. These treatments may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal blockade, and, genetic testing.

  • Invasive cancers, are cancers{abnormal cells} that can spread to lymph nodes or other organs.  These types of cancers are seen under the microscope as  having broken through the ‘basement membrane’ of the breast duct or lobule.  The ‘basement membrane’ is sort of a barrier to the blood vessels and lymphatics.  Once cancers cells have invaded  beyond the ‘basement membrane’ they have the potential to spread to other organs (lymph nodes, liver, lung, etc.).  Learn More
  • Noninvasive cancers, are cancers {abnormal cells} that have not broken through the ‘basement membrane’. These cancers are also referred to as in situ or intraductal cancers.  In general, these types of cancers do not have the capacity to spread.  The incidence of this very early stage, non-invasive disease has expanded dramatically in recent years with more widespread mammographic screening.  Learn More