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Top Breast Cancer Charities

Published on | Kylie Chin

As breast cancer awareness month draws to a close it’s important to touch on some of the valuable foundations around the county that gladly accept donations year-round. The following foundations have a reputation of making the most of your tax-deductible gift by providing mammograms for needy women, raising awareness through educational efforts, and have an overall direction guided towards support.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Evelyn Lauder, senior corporate vice president of Estee Lauder Companies and a breast cancer survivor herself started the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in 1993. Currently, $0.90 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs. According to a statement released by the BCRF in regards to the grantees for 2013, “The Foundation is proud to be funding 197 of the most brilliant scientists who are developing innovative ideas at every level to build upon their individual discoveries and to find new synergies to advance breast cancer research”.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Founded in 1982, the Komen Foundation is arguably the most widely known, well-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. In their thirty years over $2 billion has been raised for research, advocacy, health services, and social support programs throughout the world. While lately the foundation has been under some scrutiny for their choice of sponsor affiliations and misleading statistics in advertising they still ensure that $0.84 cents of every dollar donated goes directly breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Formed in 1991 Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) in a nonprofit organization located outside Philadelphia. LBBC is just behind Komen with 83 percent of its funds to help patients across the complete spectrum of diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and survival. Additionally, they offer programs that support caregivers and health professionals who work with breast cancer patients.

Breast Cancer Network of Strength 

This organization is also known as the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization. This Chicago based foundation was founded in 1979 and now has affiliates in fifteen states. Breast Cancer Network of Strength donates nearly 77 percent of their donations toward a variety of services for patients, caregivers, and survivors.

There are many other nonprofit organizations that support the search for a cure for breast cancer, raise awareness through education, and provide comfort and assistance for those in the midst of the fight. The above organizations were all rated highly on Charity Navigator, a nonprofit site that a detailed look at the finances of more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations – these happened to be the highest rated breast cancer charities.


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