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The Value of the DCISionRT® Test

Published on | Eric Brown

Listen to Dr Eric Brown participate on this DCIS webcast discussion. With 60,000 new pure DCIS patients diagnosed annually in the US, Drs. Rick Brown and James Pellicane offer insights as to how they use this test in their practice when counseling DCIS patients.  Currently 77% of DCIS patients have breast conserving surgery (BCS), but only 66% of these continue with radiation therapy (RT).   The point of this test is to determine which patients will truly benefit from RT, and to avoid “the overtreatment of all patients in order to not undertreat a few”.

DCISionRT® is a risk assessment test for patients with DCIS that predicts radiation therapy benefit with clinical evidence.  It provides a woman’s recurrence risk after breast conserving surgery alone and with the addition of radiation therapy. DCISionRT combines biology with key clinical factors. 

The beauty of these new tests is you have actual numbers that apply to individual women, rather than just women that are similar. After all, two similar patients can have two different risk tolerances. This information can empower doctors in their way to treat patients.

This test is tailor made for radiation decisions. Can we reduce the percentage of patients we send to radiation therapy? About 70% of patients don’t need radiation – the trick is how we can identify these people.

The purpose of these interactive webcasts is to provide you with timely and clinically relevant information on a variety of breast cancer topics.

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