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Stop Cancer Dead in it’s Tracks

Published on | Eric Brown

When it comes to breast exams sooner is better. On a recent October episode of the Dr. Nandi Show entitled ‘Stop Cancer Dead in it’s Tracks‘, Dr. Eric Brown elaborated on this and other breast cancer related subjects.

‘Breast cancer is curable nowadays, and our cure rates are the highest they have ever been. And that has to do with early detection.’ Dr. Brown agrees that staying familiar with your body, particularly your breasts, will help arm you with the knowledge required to notice when something is amiss ‘Being familiar with what’s normal for you, so when something deviates from that, you can address it.’

Dr. Brown also touched on the myth of breast cancer as a death sentence, ‘When you find something that is cancerous and requires treatment, of course, everybody’s mind goes to something they saw on TV or in the movies, the reality is that people can go through treatment, even to the extent of chemotherapy and radiation and maintain a full active life’.

The recommended age to begin getting mammograms, according to Dr. Brown, is 40. ‘I have a lot of patients that are in their 40s. So, the breast surgical community really is airing more towards starting annual mammograms at age 40.’ The data is clear, mortality rates decline with screening age, and most of Dr. Brown’s patients do not have a family history. All women can benefit from early detection.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Nandi both agree, being armed with the proper self knowledge, starting annual mammograms at age forty, and finding an expert team of medical professionals are all one needs in this day and age to stop breast cancer dead in it’s tracks.

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