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Share Your Breast Cancer Stories with The New York Times

Published on | Kylie Chin

We all have stories. Tales of triumph, tales of defeat—depressing stories, uplifting stories, stories we can learn from and stories we want to forget. Somehow, hearing a story about breast cancer, no matter the outcome, seems to touch on all of the previously mentioned emotions. The ups and downs, the small victories and the overwhelming defeats all seem to weave themselves into our, or our loved ones, breast cancer testimony.

In the coming weeks, The New York Times is collecting these stories from men and women around the world whose lives and experiences have been shaped by a breast cancer diagnosis.

“If you live with breast cancer, love someone with breast cancer or worry about your risk for breast cancer, you are part of a global community of women and men whose lives have been touched by the disease.”

While each story can only offer a glimpse into the diverse experiences of people with breast cancer, each and every story can truly help a worried loved one cope, ease the shock from an initial diagnosis, or just help a survivor stay positive. We encourage you to take part in this initiative from The New York Times and share your story, or maybe just read some of the testimony from others.

Follow this link to share and read breast cancer stories

Share Your Breast Cancer Stories with The New York Times

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