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Oncology Exercise and Wellness Program to Enhance Survivorship

Published on | Kylie Chin

When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, most primary cancer care shifts their focus to treatment planning rather than proactive integration of interventions to mitigate side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation—but that’s not how Beaumont Cancer Institute (BCI) approaches treatment.

BCI developed the Beaumont Oncology Exercise and Wellness Rehabilitation Program as part of an overall survivorship program aimed at providing patients with an introduction to cancer services, consultation with multiple clinicians, education about their diagnosis, and recommendation for rehabilitation services during or after treatment.
“The program represents a shift in how institutions care for patients who are diagnosed with cancer and it departs from the traditional care paradigm of engaging the patients after impairment of disability occurs.”

Our own Eric Brown, MD, FACS, collaborated with multiple clinical specialties to help development the oncology exercise and wellness rehabilitation program to enhance cancer survivorship, prevent disability, and improve the quality of life for patients. From the beginning of the program in June 2011 until December 2012, 288 patients (231 women and 57 men) entered the oncology exercise and wellness rehab program. The results?
The program successfully provided a forum for the assessment and treatment prospective for patients requiring traditional physical therapy or willing to enroll in an exercise and wellness program. The establishment of this program allowed the cancer team the ability to enhance the survivorship model that was currently in place at BCI. The feedback BCI has received from the initial consultation to the post-treatment program has been overwhelmingly positive—with patients raving and beginning to refer their friends and family.

Read the full article (link below) in the March 2014 edition of The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology. 


Doctor Assisting Senior Patient In Lifting Dumbbell

Implementation of an oncology exercise and wellness rehabilitation program to enhance survivorship: the Beaumont Health System experience

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