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Implementing Molecular Testing for DCIS

Published on | Eric Brown

Listen to Dr Linsey Gold and Dr Eric Brown participate on this DCIS webcast discussion. With Pat Whitworth and Michael Alvarado hosting the chat with a panel of TME breast surgeons, and Rick Baehner M.D., VP of Development Oncology and Pathology at Genomic Health and Assistant Professor of Pathology at UCSF, the panel focus on ways to implement molecular testing for DCIS in routine practice. The panelists also discuss how to educate DCIS patients regarding risk of recurrence and potential radiation benefit using the Oncotype DCIS Score™.

The test reports individualized risk of recurrence and invasive recurrence by integrating DCIS Score, plus patient-age-at-diagnosis, plus size of tumor– all of which impact recurrence (but not overall survival). This webcast also provided an overview of the validation and data supporting the OncotypeDX® Breast DCIS Score™ test, including the latest analysis of the ECOG E5194 and Ontario DCIS cohort studies.

Dr Gold, Dr Brown and the panel provide you with timely and clinically relevant information on a variety of breast cancer topics.

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