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Dr. Gold speaks on the topic of Lumpectomy Reconstruction in a recent Bottom Line episode

Published on | Eric Brown

Today’s breast cancer patient stands a much greater chance of survival than ever before. While many women have come to think immediately of mastectomy, complete removal of one or both breasts, experts like Dr. Linsey Gold encourage them to seek better solutions.  Why survive breast cancer without your breasts when you do not have to?

Surviving breast cancer means just that – living the rest of your life just as you have planned. With four out of five breast cancer patients living through their illness rash decisions based on fear are unnecessary. Overcoming the moment and planning through the cancer and back into your life is the goal of Dr. Gold and her team.  They perform what is called a ‘lumpectomy reconstruction’.  In this procedure an oncologist, Dr. Gold, and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Deluca-Patel, work hand in hand to simultaneously remove the tumor while reconstructing the breast.  Your chances of survival with this procedure are the exact same as with any other method.  As Dr. Gold puts it, “If you just remove the tumor with healthy tissue around it and then do radiation to the breast compared to mastectomy, removing the whole breast, you live the same amount of time.” With seventy-five percent of cases having the option to remove the cancer while saving the breast there really are great odds that both you and your breasts will live on.

Dr. Gold’s aim is to educate patients about the choices available to them as future breast cancer survivors. She notes that having support from friends and family, as well as a team of doctors that feels right, is the first step. Being surrounded by people you can trust is a key part of the entire process. Dr. Gold urges patients to gather multiple opinions and to not settle with just any doctor, “I would never want anybody to allow me to operate on them if they didn’t have full confidence.”

Believing you are in the right hands and making informed decisions about long term solutions are important parts of winning the battle against cancer.

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