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Do you need an office visit at Comprehensive Breast Care?

Published on | Eric Brown

We have provided the following recommendations for our patients who are not sure if they need a face-to-face office visit during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are designed for your health and safety.

Recommendations are broken into the following priority categories based on patient condition:

Priority A: the patient’s condition is immediately life-threatening or clinically unstable; we will see these patients in the office

Priority B: the patient’s condition is non-critical but a delay beyond six to eight weeks potentially could impact the patient’s overall outcome; we will conduct a telemedicine visit to determine next best steps for the patient

Priority C: the patient’s condition is stable enough that services can be delayed for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic; we will conduct telemedicine visits as needed 

Priorities for breast disease focused outpatient visits

Priority A Priority B Priority C
Potentially unstable (eg, hematoma, infection) New diagnosis of noninvasive

cancer – convert as many visits to telemedicine visits

Established patients with no new issues
New diagnosis of invasive cancer – may convert to

telemedicine visit

Post op patients  Survivorship visits
Established patients with new problems or symptoms from treatment – convert as many visits to telemedicine visits Patients at high risk for breast cancer (eg, BRCA carriers)
    Well breast visits
   Benign breast follow up visits (including atypia and other

benign lesions)

Priorities for breast disease focused imaging

Priority A Priority B Priority C
None Diagnostic imaging for breast symptoms or a BIRADS 4-5 screening mammogram Routine screening can be deferred until the COVID-19 pandemic resolves. Patients in the general population can defer their screening mammography for 6 to 12 months; deferral will not likely impact overall survival
Biopsies for abnormal mammograms or breast symptoms Patients with abnormal screening mammograms who can go to 6 month interval imaging
Defer all screening with other

modalities such as MRI or breast U/S


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