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Cancer treatment planning will continue during COVID-19 pandemic

Published on | Eric Brown

In the wake of COVID-19, cancer care teams must make increasingly complex decisions about the course of treatment for our patients. Care teams cannot meet in person during the pandemic, but we must continue to effectively and accurately serve our patients. Meeting virtually with our multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, pathologists, surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists is what we now are doing to ensure your care and treatment remains on track and without undue risk.

At Comprehensive Breast Care, we are using OncoLens, virtual tumor board software, which has been made available to us, as well as hospitals and cancer centers. This software requires no more than an internet connection, which means we can meet with our cancer teams quickly, easily and seamlessly. 

With this new software, we can conduct our virtual Tumor Board meetings with up to 100 providers at the same time if needed. We can review patient’s clinical information, radiologic images, pathology slides, and lab and genetics reports. The system also allows physicians to match cancer patients automatically with clinical trials, evidence-based guidelines and potential targeted therapies. 

Virtual tumor board software is HIPAA compliant and secure. All attendees in the virtual tumor board are pre-authorized and approved to participate.

Using this tumor board software further helps hospitals and cancer centers achieve and maintain accreditation through the Commission on Cancer (COC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and other key accrediting organizations. 

If you have any questions about the virtual tumor board, please call Comprehensive Breast Care at 248.687.7300.

For more information on the OncoLens Tumor Board software, here is a link:


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