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Breast Cancer Resources

Published on | Kylie Chin

Here are a list of resources from the web for dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, or helping a loved one cope.

Faces of Breast Cancer article: The New York Times

This year more than 1.4 million women around the world will learn they have breast cancer. The disease is the biggest cancer killer of women in developed regions like North America and Europe as well as the developing world, like Africa, where many women are diagnosed at a late stage of the disease. [Read full article]

Taking a stand against the “pinkwashing”: Breast Cancer Action

Take a stand to protect all of us from toxic chemicals that are making us sick, because the manufacturers of pink ribbon products certainly won’t. Right now, landmark legislation that could significantly impact cancer prevention is within reach. It’s time to turn our outrage about pinkwashing into action and ban the toxins that make us sick in the first place. [Visit Site]

10 Breast Cancer Awareness apps: Laptop Magazine

Seeing pink everywhere? Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a month for celebrating life, acknowledging the fight against this silent killer, remembering those who’ve lost their fight, and supporting the survivors and their families. The statistics can be scary: This is a disease that we know more and more about thanks to genetic testing, and yet some 1 in 8 women are still expected to develop “invasive breast cancer” in their lifetime.  [Read full article]

A Shockingly Small Amount Of Money From Pink NFL Merchandise Sales Goes To Breast Cancer Research: Business Insider

It’s October and the NFL is once again covered head-to-toe in pink accessories and equipment as part of the league’s Breast Cancer Awareness initiative. While fans can also purchase pink clothing and accessories to support the cause, a shockingly small amount of the fans’ money is actually going towards cancer research. According to data obtained from the NFL by Darren Rovell of ESPN, the NFL “takes a 25% royalty from the wholesale price (1/2 retail), donates 90% of royalty to American Cancer Society.” [Read full article]

Breast Cancer And Dogs: The Next ‘Canaries In The Coal Mine’?: Huffington Post

When his beloved Great Pyrenees Malcolm died of bone cancer at age 6, Luke Robinson resolved to learn why.

“I didn’t even know dogs could get cancer,” he said.

The nagging mystery would send Robinson walking over 2,000 miles from Austin, Texas, to Boston with his other two dogs to raise awareness for canine cancer. It would also inspire his launch of an organization devoted to finding an answer — through the discovery of links between dog and human tumors. [Read full article]

Woman on breast cancer walk gets trapped on rising drawbridge in Florida: NY Daily News 

Firefighters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., rescued a breast cancer walk participant Saturday after she got stuck on a railroad bridge as it was lifting into the air.

The 55-year-old Dania Beach woman, whose identity was not immediately released, ended up hanging onto the bridge by her hands and feet as it moved into an upright position. Witnesses said she stayed calm as she held on for half an hour, about 22 feet above the train tracks, until her rescue. [Read full article]

Colorado moms volunteer for biopsies for breast cancer research: The Salt Lake Tribune

Holly Steinbeck wasn’t too concerned six years ago when one of her breasts was unusually painful after the birth of her first child.

“It was my first time,” says Steinbeck, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., “and I figured, aren’t you supposed to be sore?”

Her reaction was the same two years later, when the pain returned after her second child was born. When her third baby was born in February, the soreness was back — but this time, it was accompanied by lumpy areas. [Read full article]





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