About Us

Comprehensive Breast Care, is a surgical practice 100% dedication to the care of the patient with breast disease  Our mission is to implement individualized, evidence-based diagnosis and treatment plans for each of our patients.  We design coordinated, compassionate and efficient care plans for every patient, whether the disease is malignant or benign.

“To Cure Sometimes, To Help Often, To Comfort Always”

                                                                           – Hippocrates

Our Team

Our goal is to provide not only expedited care, but to assure that well informed decisions are made. Our breast care team includes not only a physician, but physician assistants, care coordinators and medical assistants.


Meet Our Team

Expedited Care

The most important decisions when it comes to cancer care, are informed decisions. Understandably, those diagnosed with cancer want their treatment to begin as quickly as possible. While certainly this is understandable it is extremely important that the correct information is obtained so that patients are well informed about their treatment options.

In the News

Dr. Brown and Gold are involved in clinical trials seeking to address the denial of access to genetic testing in breast cancer patients.  Universal genetic testing should be a breast cancer patients right as it affects treatment decisions and could have repercussions on family members.

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